This market sector includes both tenant improvement and core and shell services provided via subcontract to general contractors offering construction services to colleges, universities, high schools, secondary and primary schools, museums, libraries and various public transportation, utility, or governmental facilities. These projects typically require specialized administrative skills and knowledge including badging, labor staffing and/or certifications, specialized billing, Women and/or Minority Owned Business status, and specialized periodic financial and compliance reporting. QPS is both familiar and experienced with a host of public and governmental compliance requirements


Modernization projects at public and private schools, such as Los Alamitos and Palos Verdes High School as well as the Los Angeles Unified School District in general, are anticipated to remain an area of potential growth as spending on educational infrastructure in California grows. These projects often involve working with general contractors that specialize in education infrastructure which offer QPS the ability to extend its client base to an important market.


Similar to primary, secondary and high schools, QPS has historically remained very active in providing tenant improvement and core and shell services to colleges and universities in Southern California, including UCLA, USC, Loyola Marymount,  and Pepperdine. These projects include both teaching and residential facilities and, more importantly, involve construction on modern as well as historical buildings requiring a broad range of expertise.


With highly visible showcase projects such as the Beverly Hills Children’s Library, the Orange County Museum of Art, Hauser Wirth & Schimmel and the Marciano Art Foundation, QPS demonstrates its ability to bring to life the most complex of interior architectural designs. The intricate interior wave shapes of the Beverly Hills Children’s Library and the award-winning design of the Orange County Museum of Art provide the Company with its own artistic outlet.


Complex and artistic are not solely the realm of libraries and museums. QPS’s work at the Church of Scientology and St. Adelaide Catholic Church are additional examples of the scope and breadth of the Company’s ability to infuse artistry into its work.